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Employment Law

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We recommenced providing free employment law advice following the Supreme Court ruling confirming that employment tribunal fees were unlawful.

We offer basic one-off advice provided by volunteers. This service is only available to people on low income and will be one-off advice only as there is no provision for a full casework service.

This service is subject to availability of volunteers, and we do not advise employers.

If you are an employer seeking legal advice, please contact a local solicitor.


We are able to offer advice in the following areas:

  • Disputes over wages.
  • Your rights when your employer changes.
  • We can draft and negotiate Settlement or compromise agreements.
  • Your rights if you have been made (or are about to be made) redundant.
  • If you receive less favourable treatment in the workplace because of your race, religion, disability, gender, pregnancy etc.
  • Your request for time off or flexible working has been refused.
  • Your fixed term contract has ended but the job is still needed.
  • You are facing disciplinary proceedings or have already been dismissed.
  • Your job is at risk because of long term sickness, personal injury, or poor performance/capability.
  • Employer is failing to act on your grievance or follow any standard disciplinary procedures.
  • Agency and umbrella contract workers who have problems with contracts including holidays and overtime.
  • Maternity Rights.
  • You want to make (or have already made) an Employment Tribunal claim.
  • You face victimisation or harassment following something you did.
  • Unfair dismissal - including constructive or wrongful dismissal.
  • TUPE Transfer.
  • Breach of Contracts.


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