Discrimination Law

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Discrimination laws protect people when accessing goods and services and when at work. Capacity permitting, our volunteer solicitor can guide you on the rights you have to equality.

What we do

We offer specialist Discrimination law advice to the people of Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Specific areas of advice include:

Age discrimination
It is unlawful for your age to be the cause of less favourable treatment in your workplace or in vocational training.

Religion and belief
Your religion or belief, or those of somebody else, should not interfere with your right to be treated fairly at work, at school, in shops or while accessing public services such as health care and housing.

Sexual orientation
Whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight should not put you at a disadvantage.

Disability discrimination
If you have a physical or mental impairment, you have specific rights that protect you against discrimination. Employers and service providers are obliged to make adjustments for you.

Gender equality - sex discrimination
Women and men should not be treated unfairly because of their gender, because they are married or because they are raising a family.

Race discrimination
Wherever you were born, wherever your parents came from, whatever the colour of your skin, you have a right to be treated fairly.

Transgender discrimination
Trans people should be able to live with dignity - there are protections for some of the forms of discrimination that trans people experience.

Appointments need to be pre-booked. Please contact the office on 0191 230 4777 for more details and the next clinic date.

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